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Global warming is basically a change in climate, which is increasing the worldwide temperatures. This warming is due to an increase in Earth’s temperature. A warmer Earth poses many consequences for coastal areas, and many forms of organisms. Humans cause global warming, and the Greenhouse effect also plays a key role in the concept of Global warming. Greenhouse gases basically trap energy in the atmosphere, which increases the temperatures of Earth. These greenhouse gases range from: methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and human made substances derived from aerosols (Chlorofluorocarbons). These are basically making the Earth warmer, which is going to alter many aspects on Earth. Thus, this poses a problem to society, and it is necessary to alleviate this problem before it worsens.
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According to most scientists, they have agreed that Earth temperature will increase 2 to 9 degree Fahrenheit by the year 2050. Scientist have determined that the summer will become drier in the mid-latitude area across the planet. In addition to this the ice pack in Antarctic will shrink, thus exposing the tundra and the poles will heat up at a faster rate. With the melting of the ice at the poles the sea level could rise as much as 3 feet within the next 100 years. As a result of the temperature rising, the ocean will evaporate more quickly and thus creating more rainfall. These are some effect of global warming. Global warming is a process which we must try to stop or slow down, before it is too late for the organisms inhabiting Earth.

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